Patience Tandal - Aulaumea

Social Media, Instructor & Costume Designer

Patience was introduced to Polynesian culture as an energetic and attentive 2 1/2 year old by her parents. Right away her love for the drums of the islands and melodic ukulele became her lullaby. She had such a great passion, as a toddler, that when asked "What do you want to be?" Her answer was always...

“I want to be a dancer!"

In time she began to appreciate the diversity of dance and the cultures that created the rhythms of life. Her love for dancing soon blossomed into a devotion to learn more about her own culture, Hawaiian, eventually branching into the Polynesian Triangle: Tahitian, Maori and Samoan. As a result she would challenge herself daily, to be the best dancer and practiced religiously. 

At fifteen [15] she started taking on the roll of "Instructor" and began conducting classes for the culture exchange group known as Children Of Polynesia. As an adult this opened the door to a teaching position in Tokyo, Japan. Hula lessons were taught 6 days a week, 3-5 classes a day with 10-20 students at a time. This experience revealed a reverence of Japanese culture and how they show respect, dedication and honor. A perspective she would keep with her when she returned home. 

Through her travels and work she met the love of her life, Tu'ugaifo aka Uncle Mana, who was raised in America Samoa. Together they share a home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest [PNW] as she continues to teach. Luckily, Mana is never far away and is usually setting up the To'ere drums or leading a caravan of vehicles. 

It's her love and dedication to perfecting the craft which is MO'O's catalyst and the reason for a performing arts team. And the best part is that this husband and wife team show no signs of slowing down.