Aunty Mapuana & Uncle Kalani

Secretary & Ukulele Instructor

Captain of Arms & To'ere Carver

Ano ai ke aloha kakou! We are The Tandalʻs, Anake Mapuana & Anakala Kalani. We met on January 15,1975, where I was working upstairs, at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol as a “Girl-Friday”, and downstairs, Kalani was lead dancer and drummer for the Polynesian Exotics, (“Eye-candy” for me of course). My Aunty Germaine called me, and said, “come check-out this Polynesian Dance Group.”, So I did! Long story, short: Kalani joined the Army, and We got married on May 3, 1975. And his first duty station was Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI.

By 1982, we were a complete family of 6, but being an Army Family, getting transferred to different bases, our kids were missing their island home. So in 1986, while stationed in Fort Campbell, KY., we started a Polynesian Performance group called: “Children Of the Pacific”; and then later changed it to “Children Of Polynesia”, a.k.a. “COP”. We did it for Hoʻomalamalama; Nakaniela; Kealohamaluhia; and Pomaikaʻi, and the fun began, for many memorable years to come. Kalani, became their first “Kumu”, and I his “Alakaʻi”. We also had the blessings and covering of our parents, Kuhio & Rev. Kapua Mahaulu, and Tutu, Josephine Lindsey, to teach us “kaona” of Hawaiian songs, and ʻolelo Hawaiʻi. Eventually, other kids joined COP; and we took them cross country, even into Canada. We fund raised, to help scholarship deserving students to go abroard and study in places like, New Zealand; Japan; etc. We both knew we were "seeding" into the future.

Of course, like most groups, there were periods of transitions and changes, that were necessary, for us to grow. Weʻre grateful, that our daughters had held strong to our dream, and in 2005, we turned it over to our daughters Hoʻo and Pomai, along with our son-in-love, Ray.  For a fresh start, Hoʻo changed the name to Manaia Design & Productions - in Maori, Manaia means: “Guardians”. A very fitting name, as they became “The Guardians”, of the Children Of Polynesia. And we were happy to lend our support as Advisors/Musicians.

Today, we are the proud Kupuna (Grandparents), to our 26 moʻopunaʻs (grandchildren). We lovingly refer to them as our MOʻOʻs, the next generation.  The new "seeds", for a new future.
Recently, our dreams have expanded beyond ourselves and our ʻOhana. We were asked to serve as Board Members to their newly formed Non-Profit, “MANAIA ʻOHANA Organization”, a.k.a. MOʻO.  The intention of MOʻO is: “To raise a generation of Storytellers, utilizing the Arts of Language, Dancing, Music, Art styles, etc. This is truly a dream coming full circle for us, and we are so grateful to God, that we can witness, and participate in this amazing development, in our Living-Years. Mahalo ke Akua! The Legacy continues…